Healthy Cooking Tips from the Experts

When it comes to healthy food, everyone is entitled to it and that is the point that Amy Crenshaw of the ComeUnity Café has been saying.

During a cooking demonstration event that was held at the Lift Wellness Center, Crenshaw stated that healthy eating as well as cooking is very important.

“We use as much organic as we can get our hands on,” she said. “It’s locally sourced when it can be.” During the event, Crenshaw shared several tips for eating healthy and in this article we will be highlighting them.

According to Crenshaw, eating fruits as well as vegetables are very important and the more you can be able to eat them the better for you.

“I always keep fruit prepared at my house,” said Crenshaw.
“That way, when we want a snack, we can grab for that fruit instead of going into the pantry.”

Having a daily menu that shows you exactly what you are eating is also important when it comes to health eating, she says adding that you should shop very carefully.

“Shop around the outside of the store,” she said. “You have your fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy — and there’s no need to go into those center isles where there’s more processed food.”

According to Keith Yonker, a head chef who currently works at the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, there are ways in which you can be able to modify recipes so as to make them healthier adding that cooking from scratch helps in lowering the sodium levels.

“I don’t have a salt shaker in my kitchen,” Yonker said. “We can use other spices and ingredients to bring out the flavor.”