CPR facts that Separates from Fiction

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a procedure that is carried out in emergency and is performed by those people who has no pulse or has breathing problem due to cardiac arrest. This combines compression of chest and it keeps circulation of blood throughout the body until the heart gets back to pumping of heart. Apart from calling 911, you can also help and get an automated external defrillator to get an early response and you can also collapse suddenly and get unconscious due to cardiac disease. Some evidence proves that CPR can also save lives while improving the outcomes of neurologic in the survivors. 

The American Heart Association finds that about 70% Americans either don’t know or forget how to deal with this lifesaving measure. Most cardiac arrests can be seen in the patients who are acutely ill and hospitalised. The cardiac arrest can strike majority of people at home. CPR can help you to save the lives of your loved ones as well as strangers. 

There are many misconceptions about CPR that discourages people. There are some misconceptions like cardiac arrest has same consequences as heart attack, only old and sick people need CPR, the CPR for the infants, children and the adults are exactly same and some unintentional injury can take place while performing CPR. It is said that CPR is just like riding a bike. After learning this, you can never forget about it. However, all these are nothing but myths about the CPR.