Wondrous List Of Spices For Diabetes

Insulin isn’t the only answer to diabetes! Most people rely on medications, while they often forget the small remedies that are always found in the kitchen. Check some of these best spices and herbs that work wonders for increased sugar levels. 

Fenugreek seeds
Some studies have revealed that Fenugreek seeds are actually good for lowering blood sugar levels and it is extensively used in South East Asian cooking. All you need to do is soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in one cup of water overnight, which should be consumed next morning. 

Time and again, the wonders of cinnamon have come to the forefront. This wondrous spice is good for reducing blood sugar levels and is a great flavoring agent. Just make a powder out of cinnamon sticks and use the same for garnishing your favorite dishes. 

Cayenne is known to have the ingredient called capsaicin, which has been found to be good for diabetes. The spice has also been extensively recommended for people fighting obesity. Not many people know that this is also an excellent topical pain reliever. 

This is another common item in kitchen that works for eliminating the free radicals in the body, produced by high sugar levels. You can crush cloves of garlic and add it to recipes and salads for some instant flavoring with the goodness intact. 
Among the other herbs, basil and sage are two names that deserve mention for being good for high sugar levels. Also, you can include thyme and turmeric in the list of spices to have!