Anterior cruciate ligament injuries

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is tear of a knee ligaments that connect the lower to the upper leg bone. This injury keeps the knee stable. Injuries can be mild, when a ligament tears just a bit and severe, when it completely tears or when part of the bone together with a ligament separate from leg bone. People who don’t treat this injury, have less control of their knee movement and the leg bones may rub against each other. Thus, bone rubbing, can damage the tissue and tear the pads. Those damages can lead to osteoarthritis.

In some cases, knee or bones and menisci can be broken. These injuries happen if your knee is twisted, bent backward or bent side to side. In a case when all three movements occur, the chance for injury is much higher. If you are hit by a car, this type of injuries may happen as well. Athletes get these injuries most often. It can happen when a foot is placed on the ground (firmly) and a force hits a knee. Football players and soccer players often have these injuries. People older than 40 years, have weakened ACL, so injuries in them are more often.
The symptoms of ACL are:
•    You may hear a pop in the knee. This happens during the injury.
•    You may have pain, back and outside of a knee.
•    After a few hours after an injury, your knee is swollen. In this case, you may have bleeding inside a joint, and this is a severe type of injury.
•    Because of swelling or pain, you have limited knee movements.
•    Your knee is feeling unstable.
After an injury (as soon as possible) you must go to a doctor.